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Susan Groves - Birmingham, West Midlands

Encouraging joy, connection, ease and embodiment.

I am trained in Core Process Psychotherapy, a modality that encourages resting in joy and kindness – for the client and practitioner alike.

I am happy to work with you to find together what rhythm of support/accompaniment would best suit you.

I enjoy supporting people’s creative process, whatever form that takes.

It can be worthwhile also to meet on a monthly basis to as it were review the past month, appreciate what life is giving you, and perhaps discern what may be beckoning.

Equally at times regular weekly meetings can be useful.

I am based in the Birmingham area in the U.K., working from Selly Oak Quaker Meeting House in Selly Oak.

I offer a free initial meeting.

My background is English/South African.  I have qualifcations in social work and theology as well as an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy.  I am a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.  I have had 3 books published and associated CDs.  I value diversity, creativity, sustainability and the practise of joy and stillness.

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