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Rob Stratton Psychotherapist - Cardiff

I offer a holistic psychotherapy that, while secular in practise, is informed by Buddhist understanding.

The strength of the way I work lies in how its mindful engagement with both body and mind enables clients to make their own discoveries. I also enjoy working with the extraordinarily intuitive power of the embodied imagination. I see my becoming personally affected and involved in the work as being essential to the therapeutic process, enabling me to support and guide my clients’ enquiry.

I am a former photographer, and a Buddhist practitioner. I resource myself in wild places such as the sea and mountains. Coming to this work through my own experience, I understand how, paradoxically, difficulty can be the gateway that enables us to lead more fulfilling lives.

If you would like to meet me, and find out more about whether psychotherapy, and the way that I work, might be helpful to you, please contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.

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