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Anna Colgan: Core Process Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing - London

I see clients in Bethnal Green, London. I am working at The Plane Tree, E2 0HU, a therapy centre three minutes walk from Bethnal Green tube. I work with whatever the client brings, with no attempt to fit a person to a theory.

I feel that my Core Process training and my SE qualification combine to form a well-integrated approach to anxiety, depression, low self-estem, addictions, problems in relationships, weight gain issues, anger, problems at work or within families.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is based on the work of Peter Levine, and aims to bring about regulation of the nervous system. The effects of trauma, whether psychological or physical, can get stuck in our systems and cause emotional suffering and distress. In SE we believe that trauma is in the body and can be healed in the body. Within the context of a therapeutic relationship and a chance to talk, this awareness of the body can lead to healing and improved relationships with others and with ourselves.

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