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What inspires me is the spirit and resilience and determination of the people I have worked with, both as a counsellor and a therapist, to bring about positive changes in their lives.

I continue to deepen my understanding of the human condition and learn more about what sparks change and what nurtures and encourages personal growth through my work with my clients and my academic studies.

I graduated from the Karuna Institute in Devon, to learn how to help clients face their deepest fears, anxieties and difficulties. And how to support, nurture and encourage  clients on their personal journey. My training in Core Process Psychotherapy, has enabled me to explore and enhance my skills to continue my lifelong exploration towards that understanding.

I have always worked in the community, in particular with people who have been marginalised by society. For 10 years I  worked as an advocate and counsellor for RETHINK, the 2nd largest mental health charity in the UK. I also worked with women and children escaping from domestic violence, supporting and counselling them during their stay at the Refuge.  I have been in private practice since 2007.

I offer long and short term therapy, together with Core Process Psychotherapy, I use a range of modalities, which include cognitive behavioural skills, solution focussed skills, art, mindfulness and meditation. The first introductory/assessment session is free. My fee is £45.00 per hour and I offer a reduced rate of between £35 – £40 for people in receipt of benefits or who are on a low wage. I see clients in my therapy room at home, which is fully wheelchair accessible and at a therapy centre in Taunton.

I am offering low cost Supervision for qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, support workers, alternative therapists. 


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