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Time To Talk Time To Listen - Farringdon

I have had the privilege to get to know and to work with Mu'Dita for the last 18 months, and before I met him, his reputation had preceded him. He is an excellant integrative therapist. Experienced, kind, insightful, creative and ethical, Dita has a way with him that reaches people who are frightened of being reached, and working with them to feel safe and empowered. His focus is to work with the person's feelings so that the whole person gets well, rather than focussing on the symptom, a mistake so many make. I am delighted to claim Dita as an resourceful and valued member of my team when he is not working in private practice. Mandy Saligari, Founder and Director of Charter Daycare, 15 Harley Street, London W1 (Dec 2011)

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