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Desiree Hansson - Torbay Private Practice - Torbay

Hello, my name is Desiree Hansson and I’ve been practising psychotherapy for thirty years, both here and in Africa. During this time I’ve worked in the NHS mental health services, in private practice and in various non-statutory organisations. On this path I’ve learned much about the impact and healing of trauma, how to be with human suffering in the many forms it takes, and about human diversity and commonality.


Currently I offer psychotherapy and supervision in my Torbay based private practice. My services are grounded in and nourished by longstanding meditation practice and regular supervision. 


Many of the people I see come because they’re finding life difficult or unsatisfying. Some are struggling with bereavement, illness, problems with work, or relationships. Some are seeking relief from painful mental and emotional experiences like anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts and memories. Others are prompted by feelings of meaninglessness or emptiness. Sometimes the motivation is simple curiosity about life, or wanting to live with greater awareness.


As your psychotherapist my intention is to offer a safe, accepting and empathic relationship in which you are supported and accompanied on your journey of self-discovery and transformation. I’ll draw from all my experience and training to enable you to meet and work with whatever emerges. We’ll go at your pace, discovering how it is to be you, cultivating present-moment awareness and seeing how past experience is influencing your current life, and how habitual patterns of behaving, feeling, and thinking, are maintaining your suffering. With this kind of awareness, change becomes possible.


Therapy sessions are usually an hour a week, and we’ll decide together how long to continue meeting. I am comfortable working with a range of issues including mental health difficulties, in short, medium and longer-term therapy, as well as time-limited and open-ended work.


The supervision I offer is mindfulness-based and relational, working individually and in small groups. Together we'll decide how best to meet your supervisory needs. I welcome qualified and trainee psychotherapists, counsellors, as well as mindfulness teachers. I'm approved as a training supervisor by the Karuna Institute, so am able to supervise trainees in core process psychotherapy. 


Teaching is another significant aspect of my work: I teach on the core process psychotherapy masters course at the Karuna Institute, and on the postgraduate program and supervised pathway in mindfulness-based approaches at Exeter University; and I also teach MBSR courses (mindfulness-based stress reduction) for the public and supervise mindfulness teachers through the Mindfulness Network (CIC).



Professional registration & accreditation:

  • UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) accredited psychotherapist & supervisor. 
  • HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) registered practitioner psychologist.
  • BPS (British Psychological Society) associate fellow, chartered clinical psychologist & supervisor.
  • EMDR Europe accredited practitioner (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing, which is a trauma focused therapy).
  • UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations (via Exeter University) approved teacher & supervisor in MBSR & MBCT (mindfulness-based stress reduction & cognitive therapy).


Formal Qualifications:


  • PhD
  • MA (Buddhist Psychotherapy)
  • MA (Clinical Psychology) 
  • M Social Science (Reseach Psychology)
  • B Sc Hons (Psychology)
  • Advanced Diploma & European Diploma (Humanistic Counselling) 

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