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Julian Cowan Hill - Core Process Psychotherapy - Little Venice - Paddington - London

With 6000 hours of experience as a craniosacral therapist I provide a firm body-based awareness to my psychotherapy practice with an open and sensitive awareness of energy. Mindfulness of the body is an every day way of life for me which I offer to clients.

Specialised training and experience in the field of shock and trauma has enabled me to help people establish a sense of safety within themselves, and settle in to a palpable state of inner well-being. I have done a lot of work with sexual, physical and emotional abuse and bullying.

I have worked with spiritual crisis, loss of boundaries and awakening too quickly. I used to be on the committee of the Spiritual Crisis Network and am familiar with the way mental health units manage people who are struggling with overwhelming shifts of awareness.

I have a lot of experience working with sexuality, identity and gender issues and bring a very open-minded, non-judgmental approach to this area of work. Working in men's groups and the Mankind Project has provided me with a backbone of support to help male clients deal with father-son issues and find themselves as men in the world. 

Buddhist practice and connection to teachers provides my practice with an embodied sense of source. This can be a deep resource for myself as well as my clients and provides a holding field where a deeper sense of Self can make itself known.

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