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Paul Vallance - Experienced mindfulness based UKCP Registered Psychotherapist in Leyton, Leytonstone East London. - East London

I offer one to one psychotherapy and counselling at my practice in Leyton/Leytonstone east London.

The practice is easy to get to with good transport connections (Central Line and the Overground).

My approach is a mindfulness based one; clients are supported to bring a gentle kind attention to their personal process and problems. Overtime this creates more ease and lessens suffering as clients become more aware of how the conditions of earlier life may be affecting the way they are responding to situations and relationships in the present. I place a lot of emphasis on creating a safe holding environment where clients can explore their experience at a pace that suits their individual needs.

I have been in continuous private practice since 2004. Before that I worked for many years in the National Health Service implementing Public Health strategies and campaigns. I am part of the teaching team at the Karuna Institute providing tuition to MA students. I have a strong interest in the arts and creative process.

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For more information please see my website:

Please feel free to phone me on 0208 556 0748  if you would like to know more,or to arrange a confidential initial meeting with me (with no obigation to continue) to get more of a sense if you would like to work with me.

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