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The four methods of finding a Core Process Psychotherapist

There are four methods of finding a Core Process Psychotherapist; using the Register of Members, looking up the Private Practice List, finding a therapist through an Organisational Setting or looking for a therapist using the Map of Therapists.

Using the Register of Members

If you know the name of a Core Process Psychotherapist then you can use the list of Members to send them and email them to contact you.

Looking up the Private Practice List

If you know the name of a Private Practice and you wish to find more details about this practice then you can use this function.

Finding a Therapist in an Organisational Setting

If you are trying to contact a Core Process Psychotherapist who you know is working with an organisation then this method will help you find the Core Process Psychotherapist.

Map of Therapists

If you would like to find a therapist in your area, or one who has a Practice in your geographical area you can use the Google maps to find a Core Process Psychotherapist who works in a practice near you. 

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